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CBD and cannabis products have evolved dramatically over the last couple of years. With this ever-changing market, we strive to give you the best reviews on everything cannabis and CBD oil-related. We will be giving you information on CBD products that help people cope with anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and many other issues your body may be facing on a daily basis. These can be in the form of CBD edibles, cannabis essential oils that help promote sleep, CBD vape liquid as well as cannabis skincare products.

We strive to test and review all CBD oil-related products so that we can give you the best advice on what CBD products work and where you can find CBD oil in South Africa. Apart from CBD oil, you can find all information on everything about cannabis in South Africa.


CBD Oil South Africa | Where can I Buy CBD Oil In South Africa

CBD oil is a great supplement to help you in your everyday life. There are many great products out there, but what separates the good, the bad, and the ugly?

We have extensively tested products on the market and believe we can point you in the right direction on what CBD oils you can trust. What CBD brands have been around the longest?

We trust our extensive CBD oil guides will give you the information you are looking for.

Cannabis Seeds South Africa | Where To Buy?

If you are looking for cannabis seed in South Africa we will direct you to the top sellers like Durban poison, White Widow, and the likes. There are many marijuana seed banks in South Africa but who can you trust with your future crop’s genetics? Here you can find all the answers to your weed seed questions in South Africa.


Grow Lights South Africa | What Works Best?

We have tested the top grow lights in South Africa and have written reviews on what grow lights work best!

Grow lights are a big investment and can give you amazing results if you choose the correct product! If not you will be stressing out looking at your stressed-out cannabis plants and thinking hmmm, the guys on the Facebook group said it’s a “Calcium deficiency”, but it actually could be your lights!

We have done the tests so you don’t have to. Get it right from the beginning and buy the right product.

CBD Vape Juice South Africa

As you know CBD is growing very quickly in South Africa, there are many different ways to take your daily dose of this incredible oil, one of them is through vaping CBD vape juice. CBD vape juice works exactly like your conventional “Cookies & Cream” vape juice except it has all the added benefits of CBD which you can take on the go almost anywhere!

Coming in a variety of different concentrates we can direct you to the best CBD vape juice for you!

refilling vape juice

CBD Gummies South Africa

There are many fun ways to enjoy your CBD oil, we think the best and most delicious way is with CBD gummies or edibles! You can take them as a tasty treat throughout the day while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD at the same time!

CBD gummies come in many different concentrates and quantities, we have summed it all up for you in our reviews so you know what to expect when purchasing CBD gummies.

Dry Herb Vaporizers | Cannabis Extract Vapes

Cannabis is excellent to get the full effect from CBD and THC. What is one of the best ways to enjoy them? The answer is dry herb vaporizers! Without burning the actual plant or extract and inhaling the smoke. These vaporizers vaporize the herb or extract to the optimum temperature for you to enjoy a smooth flavorful hit every time.

The best part about a dry herb vape is that they are discreet and perfect for any on the go situation. Quick easy and will get you flying after one hit. Would you like to know what the best dry herb vapes are in South Africa? We are here to help.


Bongs For Sale South Africa

Every weed smoker needs a bong in their arsenal from the best one-hit wonders to double percolator bongs, we have tested them all. There are many great online stores that often have amazing deals on their bongs. Keep an eye out and you could be smiling for a very long time.

Grow Tents For Sale | South Africa

Are you looking for the perfect environment to grow your cannabis in? Grow tents for cannabis is the way forward! Keeping your plants in an optimal environment is essential to control, pests, lights and fungus! We look at cannabis as an investment. If you put money into a grow tent you will reap the rewards later come harvest time.


Medical CBD | Using CBD Products

CBD is a fantastic supplement to add to your life. But it is vitally important that you understand CBD is not there to replace any medicine you have been prescribed by your doctor. It is best used as a supplement to support wellness in everyday life.

When thinking about using CBD oil, seek medical advice from your doctor.


CBD Oil For Pets South Africa

When it comes to our pets we want nothing but the best. We have reviewed CBD oil for pets and know what works best.

Imagine being in pain and not being able to say “hey my back is sore” Just like humans or pets have an endocannabinoid system. And with the addition of CBD, the communication between the brain and receptors is increased providing relief of pain, stimulation, and overall well-being.

But we must know what type of CBD we are giving to our pets such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. knowing what CBD oil that’s used is vitally important. There should always be a lab certificate available for you to look at before purchasing. What to look for is the amount of THC present in the product. Look out for pesticides in the full and broad-spectrum products.

Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian when considering giving your pet CBD oil.

Dog licking cbd oil medicine

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CBD Oil Review
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