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CBD has great health benefits for us and our pets. Activating the endocannabinoid system of the body, it helps with multiple issues such as pain relief, appetite, mood regulation, skin and coat health alongside other benefits.


CBD oil for pets can be used to help cats, dogs, horses and even our parrot counterparts. The dosage should be carefully administered depending on the weight of our pet that needs the CBD oil.


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Pet CBD Oil South Africa

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory making it a great supplement to help pets struggling with arthritis or other movement-related issues. It can also be used as an anti-anxiety supplement for our four-legged friends who have trauma issues.


Nowadays, it is better to go to your local SPCA and adopt an animal rather than going to breeders. But often these pets have endured traumatic experiences due to abusive homes, living on the streets or losing their family. Giving your pet CBD oil can help with their anxiety following a traumatic experience and can greatly increase their quality of life.

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CBD Oil For Dogs South Africa | Where To Buy?

There are many trustworthy places to buy CBD for dogs in South Africa both in-store and online. As a CBD oil review website we aim to have all the information on which is the best CBD oil for pets in South Africa. There are plenty of brands to choose from, but which are the ones we can trust? Read below to find out more about the best CBD oil for dogs in South Africa.


Cannabuddy 300mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil For Pets


Cannabuddy is a fantastic dog CBD oil made in South Africa. It contains 300mg of full-spectrum CBD oil in a 30ml bottle. They believe that full-spectrum CBD is of a higher quality and can promote other benefits using the entourage effect. For more information follow this link to the product.


Basically, full-spectrum works on our pets CB1 and CB2 receptors which are responsible for the communication in the central nervous system and the immune system. This can help our pets with anxiety, arthritis, digestive issues, skin and coat, mood and sleep regulation, and aggression issues.


Directions of use:


Cannabuddy has a great table to help work out the ideal dosage of CBD for our pets. It can be worked out with the weight of our pets and how sensitive they are to CBD. For pets trying CBD for the first time, they have a fantastic method to slowly build up CBD in their system to ensure that they are 100% comfortable throughout the process.


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Africanpure Pets


Africanpure Pets is an isolate based product meaning it just contains CBD and no other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBD isolate helps our pets deal with discomfort by alleviating pain as well as helping to balance disrupted sleeping cycles.


Promoting overall health each drop of this CBD for pets contains pure-grade CBD blended in fractionated coconut oil.


For more information follow this link to the product.


Africanpure’s recommended dosage for dogs is:

Small should take 5mg (10 drops per day)

Medium should take 10mg (20 drops per day)

Large dogs 15mg (30 drops per day)


There is a stronger option for a very big breed of dog or severe conditions. Follow this link for the 600mg CBD.


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Cibapet CBD For Dogs


Cibapet’s CBD oil for dogs comes in a 10ml bottle containing 200mg of CBD and 0% THC. This CBD is blended with protein, fish oil and vitamin E. The blend is designed to help our dogs immune system, energy levels, and maintain a healthy coat and skin.


For more information follow this link to the product.


Made with 2% CBD isolate oil, Cibapet’s CBD for dogs is formulated to help our pooch deal with a variety of conditions they may be suffering from. Naturally giving them the daily boost they need.


In one 10ml bottle you will get 200 drops containing fish oil, vitamins, and a total of 200mg of CBD.


Check with your dogs vet before giving them CBD oil.

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CBD Oil For Cats South Africa

We have spoken about CBD oil for our dogs, now we are going to look at CBD oil for our cats.  Cannabuddy 300mg full-spectrum is a CBD oil for pets which will work well for cats, dogs and horses. For best results, follow their dosage guide by weight.


Africanpure’s CBD oil for pets is also suitable for cats, dogs and horses. The main difference is that their CBD oil is an isolate.


Let’s find out what the difference is between Cibapet CBD for dogs and Cibapet CBD for cats. We will try to figure out what they are doing differently to the other brands and why?

Cibapet CBD For Cats


At first glance, the big difference between Cibapet CBD for dogs and cats is the image on the packaging. One has an image of a dog and the other of a cat. Other than the images it is hard to tell the difference of what is actually in the bottles.


This CBD oil for cats contains 200mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle. The content of the oil is blended with vitamin E and fish oil. This can help our cats with relief from anxiety, stress and appetite loss.


For more information follow this link to the product.


From our analysis of the ingredients, there is no difference between the Cibapet CBD for dogs and the Cibapet CBD for cats other than the images on the packaging and labels. This is still a great product and brand with high-quality CBD oil. They have used a clever marketing technique to expand their products range and reach.


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Final Thoughts On CBD For Pets South Africa

We have taken a look at three great CBD brands available on the market in South Africa. Cannabuddy, Africanpure and Cibapet. These CBD oils can help our pets and give them the best possible quality of life. Suitable for your dogs, cats or horses.


We recommend paying close attention to the dosage of CBD you give to your pets. This can drastically change the way our fur baby’s react to using CBD.


It is important to consult with your pets vet before giving them CBD.


If you are wondering how good is CBD for our pets? Follow this link to a veterinarian explaining the pros and cons of CBD for pets.

If you are interested in CBD oil to aid sleep take a look at the info on this link.



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