Feminised Cannabis Seeds South Africa – Top 4 Dagga Seeds

Feminised seeds can and will make you a happy cannabis farmer. There is honestly little worse than putting love, effort and nutrients into growing a cannabis plant, that ends up being a male – ruining your dream harvest. Feminised weed seeds have a 99.9% chance of being a female.


An added bonus to your future weed plant being female is that she will be holding great genes. Meaning that you will get a fruitful harvest from your lovely lady. We will run through some of the seed banks in South Africa where you can buy feminised cannabis seeds with the great genetics we are all searching for.

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Weed Seeds South Africa | Buying Online

Buying weed seeds online in South Africa is one of the best ways to get growing with great quality genes. There is so much information on the different South African seed banks and where they get their seed genes from.


Some of the big seed banks in South Africa to look for are; Marijuana Seeds South Africa, Biltong and Budz (not Biltong and Buds), President Seeds and Trophy Seeds South Africa.


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These are trusted seed banks that will supply you with quality cannabis seeds at a reasonable price. This is why we recommend using their services.


Another positive with choosing feminised cannabis seeds is that you can keep the plant in the vegetative state all year round, this allows you to take clones of your plant (follow this link for more info) meaning that you will not need to buy seeds as long as you do not kill your mother plant. This is why it is better to look at buying feminized weed seeds as an investment.


We recommend getting more than one seed per strain when purchasing cannabis seeds online. The reason being is that yes there is a 99.9% chance of your seed being female but you’ll first need to germinate it. So it’s better to have more than one.


Also if you are wanting to clone your plant you are going to have to wait ages before you can actually smoke the fruits of your labor as you need to wait for that plant to be completely established before you can take clones from her. We recommend getting three or more seeds in this case.

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Durban Poison


Marijuana South Africa has Durban poison feminized seeds available to buy online. This is a sativa dominant strain meaning that you will have a soaring plant that will give you high energy levels.


Being a strain that has predominantly sativa characteristics you can expect to have a happy energetic and uplifting effect from her.


She is a sweet girl with a fruity flavor and a touch of pine. But don’t let your guard down, she has a high THC content of 15-20% meaning she will give you a klap if you don’t have your wits about you.

This is a fast flowering Durban poison strain. You can expect a flowering period of maximum 9 weeks after germination, making her ideal for commercial and private growers. We can expect to yield around 400-500g/m2 in the sea of green. Want to find out more information about the sea of green growing technique follow this link.


She comes in a pack of 5 seeds which is perfect to grow 3-4 plants to harvest and keep one plant as the mother to take clones off.

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Kandy Kush

This feminized seeds from Trophy Seeds South Africa. She is a cross with OG kush and Trainwreck making her an indica dominant strain. This strain was awarded 3rd prize in the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup for best outdoor strain.


She is well known for her commercial yields being around 510g/m2 outdoors and 400g/m2 indoors. She has a flowering period of 9-10 weeks and will give you frosty lemon nugs. You will see the heavy crystal production around week 5 but don’t worry she wont stop giving her extreme resinous traits.


This feminized seed from Trophy Seeds is a single seed in a pack. If you are just wanting to do one grow it is perfect but if you are wanting to keep the strain lineage you should get more than three to be safe.

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Laidback Lincoln

From President seeds South Africa this strain is bred with Bubblegum and Blueberry. A high THC count is guaranteed, you can expect anything from 15% up to 21%.


She will produce blueberry and flowery aromas which will give you a euphoric high when smoked. This is an indica dominant strain with a 75 – 25% split with a short flowering period of 8 weeks.


This pack comes with 3 seeds, meaning you can keep the strain alive while growing the other two for harvest.

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Sour Diesel

She is a feminized seed from Marijuana seeds South Africa. This hybrid will bring you ridiculously large yields. You can expect to get around 400-500g/m2 in the sea of green. She does have a difficult grow rating. One of the big reasons for this is when she starts stretching once the flowering period begins.


If you have a height limit in your growing environment it is recommended that you start training techniques from a young age with this sativa dominant hybrid.


She will give you cycles of deep concentration, with her THC levels ranging from 16 – 20%.

You will taste lemons with a strong citrus edge mixed with her petroleum undertones.

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Rounding Up | Cannabis Seeds For Sale In South Africa

Weed seed genetics have come a long way since our parents were sparking up, the weed has gotten stronger and the genetics are better suited to growing female seeds.


This means we can have a higher chance of growing weed that actually produces dank buds, rather than wasting time, money and nutrients on pesky males.


If you need to buy LED grow lights for your feminized weed seeds take a look at this post for more information.

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