How To Grow Marijuana Indoors – Guide To Growing Cannabis

Indoor cannabis growing is an exciting part of your growing future! You are now taking the next step on how to grow quality marijuana! You will be faced with new challenges.



How to grow weed


Let’s go back to the basics of growing cannabis. What you should already know and have. If this is your first grow, take note so you can start growing high-quality weed indoors.


You will need:


  • A place to grow the marijuana plant (preferably a grow tent)
  • Marijuana seeds
  • Pellets to germinate the seed in
  • Soil for the plant to give the correct nurtures
  • A growing light. There are different options out there. Do some research on what will suit you best.
  • A timer – more to be said about this later
  • A fan to keep the plants well ventilated. This becomes very important when your plants get bigger and bushier


Now that you have everything you need to grow big juicy green buds let’s jump in!


How to grow weed indoors for beginners – step by step


This step by step guide will help beginners to grow marijuana.. Let’s get started. First, you will need your seedling pellets. Pour some water into a container so that the base of the container is covered with 1ml of water. Then place your seedling pellet in the watered container for it to absorb the water.


Once the pellets have swelled up you should place your seedling in the pellet and leave in a dark warm cupboard. This will help replicate the environment the seed would be in if it was to grow in the soil outside.


Once your seedling starts to germinate, it will grow a little white tail. This is the start of your Marijuana plant’s root system! The root will then bury itself in the pellet to build the foundation of your plant.


After a couple of days, usually around 3, there will be a green shoot that sprouts off of the pellet. Congratulations, you now have a growing Marijuana plant!


The next step is to place your pellet into your plant’s new home. You should have a pot (I like to use fabric pots as it allows the soil to breathe and it has draining benefits) your pot should be filled with soil.


When placing your pellet in the soil you should focus on burying the pellet ¼ from the top of the soil so that the base of your green shoot is covered and the two little leaves are at least 5cm above soil. Once this transplant into your fabric pot is completed, you should give the plant a little watering to help settle the soil.


The next step will be to place the pot in your home indoor grow tent. This is assuming that you have installed the light and the fan into your grow tent already.


For the first phase you should keep you light on 24/7. This will keep your plant in a vegetative state allowing it to focus on growing rather than flowering. You should keep your plant in this vegetative state for at least 3 months so that it can produce semi-decent buds. But this up to you, and the strain that you have planted.


After the 3 months, flip the lights on your timer to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This will put your plants into the flowering state. It’s important to monitor your plants regularly after this as it will start growing buds if she is female. Do some research as to when the best time to harvest your plant will be.


Best way to grow marijuana


There are many different guides out there to growing marijuana, I am going to try and give you some information on how to grow weed and make the process quick and easy for you.


Marijuana growing tips


To grow weed is easy – it is a weed after all. But to maintain it is a different story altogether.


Basically the marijuana plant has two stages in which they grow. One being the vegetative state and the second being the flowering state.


The vegetative state is when the plant uses all of its power and resources that you have given to it to grow as big as possible. In nature, in an outdoor environment, this will be during the summertime as the plant will be getting more hours of direct sunlight during this season.


The second stage that Marijuana plants grow in is the flowering state. This happens in winter as there is less direct sunlight on the plants in terms of hours.




Growing cannabis indoors gives you the opportunity to have control over these parameters.


By putting your grow light on a timer you can replicate the seasons, making the plant think it is winter. This will make the plant focus all of its energy to growing big buds rather than trying to grow into a big tree.


A seasoned expert grower will have something called the sea of green! This is when you have multiple plants growing at the same time, but in the two different stages that we discussed above. This allows the grower to make two harvests in the year, giving them enough big buds to last them until the next crop is harvested. Hence a sea of green all year round.


Plant maintenance can become tricky if you have more than one plant growing at a time in the same area. You should make sure that you have enough ventilation for the plants. This will help prevent mould and white powdery mildew taking over your babies.

Last thoughts on growing marijuana at home


To grow weed at home is easy, and can be an extremely fulfilling task, especially when you do your first harvest. It is always a great feeling once you reap the rewards of the efforts you put into making a strong and healthy plant.


As you become more comfortable growing Marijuana, you will start to notice small details in your plants such as the color of the leaves, the leaves drooping etc. This is the plant giving you information on what it needs from you. As you become more experienced in your growing you will learn to read what the plant is trying to tell you.


Good luck with your first indoor grow and please let us know how it goes. If you have questions or would simply like to brag about your big buds, let us know.



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